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Key takeaways from the second Jan. 6 hearing


BJay Pak, the former US attorney for the North District of Georgia, said his office found that the alleged "suitcase full of ballots" was an official lockbox.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has petitioned the US Supreme Court to take up a lawsuit against Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, claiming that there are voting irregularities in each state that still require investigation.

The filing says there is video of "suitcases full of ballots being pulled out from underneath tables after poll watchers were told to leave."

Georgia Secretary of State's office investigated these but didn't find any evidence of fraud.

Pak said his office conducted its own investigation and found that the "suitcase full of ballots" was an official lockbox where ballots were stored to be kept stafe. The boxes were kept under the tables, he said.

Pak said there was a "misunderstanding" and the partisan poll watchers, assigned by each respective, were told they were done counting ballots for the night and were told they could go home.

"Once they realized the mistake, someone from the secretary of state's office had indicated 'no, no, no, we're not done for the night. You need to go ahead continue counting,'" Pak said.

Pak said they brought back the official ballot box and the poll workers started counting the ballots from the lockbox that was initially packed up.

"Unfortunately, during the Senate hearing, Mr. Giuliani only played a clip that showed them pulling out the official ballot box from under the table," Pak said.

"In actuality, in review of the entire video, it showed that it was an official ballot box that was kept underneath the tables," Pak added. "Then we saw them pack up, because the announcement they thought they were done for the night — once the announcement was made that they should continue counting, they brought the ballot box back out."

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